White Wine                                                                                                   Glass       Bottle

Moscato, Yellow tail (Australia)                                                  5.50          21                 

Lively tropical fruit flavors with a clean, crisp finish.

Full of natural sweetness!


Semi-Dry Riesling, Dr. Frank(Keuka Lake, New York)                                  7.50          28

Flavor of apple, peach, mandarin oranges, and a zesty fruit finish.


Riesling, Cupcake (Germany)                                                                          6.25            21

Aromas and flavors of ripe honey dew and lemon chiffon.


Pinot Grigio, Cavit (Italy)                                                                                    6              21

Delicate and pleasing with a floral and fruit scents


Sauvignon Blanc, Sterling (California)                                                         6              21

Citrus and lemon grass, nectarine and jasmine.  


Chardonnay, Llai Llai (Chile)                                                                              7             26

Citrus and floral notes surrounded by a touch of tropical

Fruit flavors.          


Chardonnay, Kendall Jackson                                                               8             30

“Vintner’s Blend” (California)       

Tropical flavors such as mango and pineapple dance

With aromas of peach, apple, and pear.


Red Wines                                                        Glass             Bottle

Lambrusco, Cavicchioli 1928 (Italy)                                                    4.50                     15

Sweet with excellent mouthwatering acidity. Fresh red fruit flavors 


Sweet Red, Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi                                                     5.50                    21


Strawberries and juicy watermelon aromas and flavors

With a hint of cherry and red raspberry.     


Pinot Noir, Votre Sante by                                                                                 7                          26

Francis Ford Coppola( California)

Vibrant flavors of raspberries and cherries, highlighted by notes of vanilla.


Merlot, Santa Rita 120 (Chile)                                                                          6                           21

Well- rounded fruity flavor, enhanced by soft tannins

And a pleasant note of spicy oak.


Malbec, Ruta 22 (Argentina)                                                                              6                           21

Bright red fruit flavors of plum and raspberry.


Red Blend, Menage a Trois (California)                                                           6.50                      23

This wine exposes the fresh, ripe, jam like fruit that is

The calling card of California wine.


Shiraz, Jacob’s Creek (Australia)                                                          6                          21

A very jammy wine offering lots of plum and cherry flavors.


Chianti, Ruffino (Italy)                                                                         6                         21

Deep, fruity hints of plum with intense notes of sweet cherry

Leading to a light spicy finish.


Cabernet Sauvignon,  Josh Cellars (California)                                              8                           30

Rich, aromatic dark red fruits and baking spices, yielding

To flavors of plum, fig, black, currant and nutmeg.


Cabernet Sauvignon, J. Lohr (California)                                                     8.50                         34

Velvety, and rich with hints of vanilla, dark berries

And a slightly spicy finish.


Zinfandel, Ravenswood “Vinter’s Blend” (California)                                  7                           26

Fresh flavors of black cherry, mint, and vanilla with a long, sturdy finish.


Champagne & Sparkling Wine


Freixenet Cordon Negro (Spain)   7/gl

Crisp, clean and well balanced.

Dry with low acidity for a softer, smoother flavor.


Blush Wine

White Zinfandel, Beringer (California)

5.75/gl    24/btl

Fresh red berry, citrus and melon flavors.


House Wine

Hullar’s proudly features





White Zinfandel

5.75/gl    24/btl


Sycamore Lane

Cabernet Sauvignon



Wine List